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Simulate semen lubricant


Simulate Semen Lubricant Grease For Sex Anal Lubrication Vagina Sex Gel Silk Touch Semen Lubricant Sex Water Base Oil.

It is water-based lubricant and be designed for anal sex.

It has a feeling and silicone lubricant viscosity, never sticky or tacky.

Water-based lubricant fluid, after use easy to clean with water special formula of anal sex silicone but does not contain oil, wax or silica gel

Item: water-based lubricant

Color: milky white

Capacity: 200ML or 300ML

Shelf life: 3 years

Package: 1 bottle water-based lubricant

Scope and method of use: It can be used with condoms and adult utensils.

When using, squeeze out a proper amount of lubricant and apply it to the parts that need lubrication.

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